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Here are the complete collected recordings to date of Monkey Typing Pool, collected under the all-too-apt title Flung. To your right you will note an image of the person responsible for these sonic atrocities, wearing the appropriate t-shirt (which comes from His beard in this photo is under the peculiar impression that he's entering a Hemingway-impersonator contest - God only knows why.

The List of Songs

* "Beyond the Valley of Lolita Nation" (July 2006)

A collage of sounds entirely from Game Theory and Loud Family recordings, in the style of the Residents' "Beyond the Valley of a Day in the Life."

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* "Stephin Merritt Writes Another Song About the Moon" (July 2006)


Another match is burnt to ash,
another weakened cocktail drunk,
another jukebox echo lost in smoke and haze.

A pen erasing, tracing lines,
a silhouetted window strung
with lights from outside; blocks away a stray dog bays.

Even where it's night, some lovers long to shout for June -
Stephin Merritt writes another song about the moon.

A flight of stairs, a broken clock,
teacups, Chinese gongs,
a ukulele on the wall, a strand of rope.

An empty glass, an ashtray full...
another hundred songs...
a rhyming dictionary, and an old brown coat.

Leaving there, it's light, and others throng about too soon -
Stephin Merritt writes another song about the moon.

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* Lance Crocker, Almanac Cracker" (June 2006)


He rides a donkey
through the city
He wears trousers
'cause his knees aren't so pretty

in swerving traffic
past oil derricks,
under bridges
to his Uncle Eric's (yeah!)

He carries compasses
in leather satchels
In canvas, corduroy,
and smells of burning matches,

a switchblade ego,
a turnpike mind,
an appled oranger
spilling coffee grounds and rinds


Lance Crocker
Lance Crocker
Lance Crocker
Almanac cracker

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* "Monkey Typing Pool" (September 2005)
info (including lyrics)
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* "Study Rain" (June 2005)
info (including lyrics)
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* "Tinsnip Idol Mandate" (July 2004)
info (including lyrics)
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