This was supposed to be my attempt to make a song "quickly." I think, relative to the last one, this is the case - but between my schedule and my inability to get things right the first time (plus, I really didn't want it to sound like a squelched fart), it took me several weeks to finish up. I did succeed in limiting the number of chords: the last track ("Study Rain" ) had about 13 bazillion different chords (in fact, the very last note of the song is, perversely, the one note of the scale on which no chord is rooted); this one, I managed to stick to only four (not counting variations and weirdo chords arising from intentionally allowing lines to funkily go their own little harmonic way): E, A, D, and G. Even a monkey could play it on guitar! Which doesn't prevent me from being unable to do so: dig the low-in-the-mix tremolo slide guitar under the chorus (in the right channel), played with a literal beer bottle on a guitar tuned to a major chord. (Hey, if it's good enough for Bruce Gilbert it's good enough for me.)

Cognoscenti may be interested in the various monkey references, lyrical and musical, which include stealing the guitar riff from the Rolling Stones' "Monkey Man" (at least something like its rhythm), the scary flying monkeys' song from The Wizard of Oz, Bubbles the Chimp (indirectly), and an excruciating punning reference to the Scopes Monkey Trial. There are, of course, more. In addition, the work of Steely Dan, the Rolling Stones (again!), War ("more cowbell!"), Senor Coconut, Don Byron, some anonymous hack working for Microsoft, and Black Sabbath was blatantly stolen from (i.e., sampled). There's also a palindromic sentence. No one actually played bassoon, and no monkeys were harmed during the making of this song. Yes, those two facts are connected.


When God slammed the door
he smashed all the windows.
So he boarded 'em all up
and loaded us in a truck
and sent us out of Beverly.
The weather started getting rough
And then one day we was stirrin' up the crude
When up popped a monkey singin' "Hey Jude."

Monkey typing pool...

He led us to a fork in the road
but he can't make us eat it.
What a thriller! Hear the sound
of one glove clapping.
We just told him to beat it.
We got put on trial for selling mouthwash
and combs and insolent hygiene.
We swam in the pool without a lifeguard.
We sold off our tails and bought us some designer jeans.

Monkey typing pool...

You can cage a swallow (can't you?)
But you can't swallow a cage (can you).

I've got an infinite number of monkeys
coding a website for you.
And when you google your name in the future,
the results will be nothing but links back to you.

This monkey cite artistic differences
This monkey form focus group
This monkey discard bad data
This monkey be zestfully clean!

This monkey give one-hundred-ten percent
This monkey eat low on food chain
This monkey delegate authority
This monkey be all he can be

This monkey say, "I do"
This monkey be team player
This monkey test hypothesis
This monkey know in his heart

This monkey slip on the peel
This monkey baffled by syllable
This monkey mis-sing the anthem
This monkey... (what monkey?)

Monkey typing pool...